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Firetopper Pro - Installer Reviews

Our new class leading Firetopper Pro - Acoustic Speaker Firehood has now been shipping for two weeks and we're blown away by your reviews. Here's what the first few installers to try them think... Thanks guys !!Fantastic product Posted by Chris Shaw on 8th Nov 2016We've been using firehood for many years now and have just [...]

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Firetopper Pro - Now Shipping

Our new class leading Firetopper Pro - Acoustic Speaker Fire Hood is now shipping !Firehoods should be fitted to all in ceiling speakers in new and existing homes, check out our previous blog on the subject. If you are installing In Ceiling speakers, get compliant and make some extra margin by fitting the best fire hood [...]

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Acoustic Speaker Firehoods - We thought we could do better !

Hi, Having run a Custom Install business for 15 years and installed thousands of speaker firehoods we were convinced they could be made better and cheaper, so we teamed up with one of the worlds leading fire protection specialists to develop the Firetopper Pro Acoustic Speaker Firehood.It features our unique Fire Red Low Smoke Zero Halogen, [...]

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Are Fire Hoods a requirement for In Ceiling Speakers ?

There's plenty of confusion in the industry about when and where in ceiling speakers will require a fire hood. Getting this wrong can be extremely costly, not only in terms of the risk to your customers safety, but also in terms of the risk to your business being pursued for damages. Insurance companies are increasingly [...]

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